Fairycraft ip: mc.fairycraft.art:25611

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Looking fot staff for my server, builders, helpers, a new mod and a new admin!

please note this is not paid work and will be strictly voluntary.
About the server...
This is a LGBTQ+ friendly RPG server where you can be who ever you want.
with inspiration from the lord of the rings franchise and iconic RPG games such as the elder scrolls.
we encourage creativity and imagination, but dont worry if your not the creative type there's quests you can complete to earn rewards and endevout bigger adventures.
We have
.creative plots
.and player shops available for you to purchase and make money.
.Quests will be added to the server but at the moment it is a work in progress.

. Recent update: now added magic to ther server so you can cast your own spells!

The rules are simple
.No discrimination of any kind: remember this is a safe space for all not just one. be friendly and welcoming to all who join.
.No griefing
.No advertising your own or other servers
.If you run into any issues whilst on the server please report it to a member of staff
.Cursing is allowed with in limits: no cusing in a militious or deragatory way
.No hacking anyone suspected of hacking will be kicked from the game if you continue you will be banned
.Remeber its just a game so have fun!

Server Information
Fairycraft IPmc.fairycraft.art:25611
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/gxRT6B3Q
Registration DateFebruary 24, 2021
Last Pinged22 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.5
CategoriesCreativeEconomyRoleplayMedievalMagicSurvival RPG
CountryUnited Kingdom flag