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FortFish is a very well balanced Towny server with a variety of tailored and customized plugins offering a unique survival experience. A stable economy with lots of ways to make money and lots of ways to spend it.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rewards
  • Economy - Great economy based server with lots ways to make money and lots of ways to spend it.
  • Jobs - Join up to 3 jobs and perform their tasks to make money!
  • Quests - New quests being added daily.
  • Special Potions - Limited time access to commands like /nick and /fly
  • SuperLuckyCrates - Find unique rewards while mining.
  • PVP Arenas - Free For All and Team Deathmatch
  • Spleef- A classic MC mini-game.
  • Player Market -Make trade signs to buy/sell/trade with other players even while you're not online.
  • Grave Sites - Leave a gravestone when you die and get your items back.
  • Sit/Lay/Crawl anywhere!
  • Enchanting Room - Pay a fee to access 3 different enchanting tables.
  • 30+ Custom Enchantments
  • Bottle and sell your own XP
  • Casino - Feeling lucky? Play Blackjack, Dice or Slots or go for the big money and hit the Jackpot!
  • SilkSpawners - Pick up mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Chest Sort - Automatically sort your inventory and your chests.
  • HeadDB - an endless number of player heads for decorating your base.

Server Information
FortFish IP209.145.60.26
Discord Link
Registration DateMarch 20, 2021
Last Pinged10 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.5
CategoriesEconomyPVESpleefSurvivalTownyNewQuestsCustom Enchants
CountryUnited States of America flag