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Welcome to the gapple club network! A minecraft server based on clean and fun PVP gameplay!

Soup PVP:

A large selection of kits, Stats, leaderboards and an HTTP API (for developers ofc <3), Perfectly optimized to what ever version you play on (1.8 to 1.16!), One of the best anti-cheats out there, Active staff members, Regular events, Balanced gameplay (forget pay-to-win, only skill based!), Elevators (yes we have elevator signs, they teleport you up), Constant Updates

Classic SG (survival games):

Clean gameplay (no bs, only skill based gameplay), Stats and leaderboards to climb up with, Optimized for versions 1.8 to 1.16, One of the best anti-cheats same with Soup Pvp, Crafting (found some diamonds? craft a diamond sword!)

More information about this skyblock soon! 

More Information:

Server address: (1.8 to 1.16 Java Edition)

Gapple Club
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Gapple Club
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Registration DateMarch 20, 2021
Last Pinged15 minutes ago
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Version 1.8
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