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This world was once full of a glorious people called the Ophidians. They had all the problems and beauty that people have. Science advanced to the level where things were possible that may have been considered magic in one time (like always). Their latest discovery was portal technology. It was understood that this was connecting two places in time and space, but little else was known. Originally these portals connected to a hellscape known as the Nether. In the effort to find new places to explore and push the technology to it's limits time and space around Uroboros became fractured and the world itself began to tear itself apart. AS this happened there was a mass exodus from the world through existing a new portals. These new portals were made in haste and worsened the problem. In the end, all the people of Uroboros (or almost all of them) were scattered to the void between worlds and time.


At the beginning of this age, the first Ophidian to return, MISQUOTH, arrives back on Uroboros. His memory scattered and the land still chaotic, but more stable than before he set out to find a way to heal the land and bring back his people.

During this time, MISQUOTH traveled the land, creating stability, and finding some way with tech left behind to start leading Ophidians back to their home.

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Uroboros SMP
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Uroboros SMP IP67.253.208.167
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Version 1.16.5
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