Darkflash Enhanced Survival

Darkflash Enhanced Survival

Darkflash Enhanced Survival ip: darkflash.xyz

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This server is an enhanced survival world where you can do anything you can imagine. We have a player-based economy that is designed to help you speed up your block and resource collection. We don't want you grinding non-stop, we want you enjoying yourself! So we give you lots of ways to make money, which in turn can be used to buy blocks and items. We update regularly, and we try to cycle through our available mini-games so you don't ever get bored. We also host free-to-enter monthly build contests.

The entrance to the server is very unique in that it is a morality test.
We want to see what kind of person you are and we have developed a test
to determine this. If you fail the test or fail to follow the rules
posted during the test you will most likely be banned permanently or if
you are lucky jailed for a short time.

We believe in quality over quantity in our player base, we would rather
have 30 of the best builders and nicest people in minecraft then have 60

Come give us a shot, you WILL NOT regret it.

Darkflash Enhanced Survival
Server Information
Registration DateApril 12, 2021
Last Pinged27 minutes ago
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Version 1.16.5
CategoriesEconomyHunger GamesMinigamesSurvivalBed WarsTowns
CountryUnited States of America flag