Wicked Survival

Wicked Survival

Wicked Survival ip: wickedsurvival.org

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Server IP: wickedsurvival.org

Discord: discord.gg/5KCACQ3fa2

Website: https://wickedsurvial.tebex.io/

Youtube Showcase: https://youtu.be/meruFnWaLss

Server Information:

Wicked Survival's goal is to bring a custom survival experience to all players!

With didicated developers, and an excellent group of staff, Wicked Survival makes

it a point to cater to all players, and play styles!

With a variety of custom plugins and a balanced economy, Wicked Survival brings back

the old-school feel of survival, but with a new outlook and setting. With a custom

look on McMmo being linked to jobs, spawner upgrading, a balanced economy, and so much


Server Content:

- Balanced economy

- Custom fishing and fishing shop

- Bosses

- Custom mining and mining shop

- Mining and fishing relics

- Land claiming

- McMmo that is linked to jobs!

- Jobs

- Drop parties

- Weekly giveaways that can include ranks, or unreleased kits/content!

- Crates

- Crate Keys

- OP gear that can be acquired from bosses/mining relics

- Sell Wands

- Spawner Upgrades

- Spawner Stacking

- Custom Mobs

Wicked Survival
Server Information
Wicked Survival IPwickedsurvival.org
Discord Linkhttp://discord.gg/5KCACQ3fa2
Registration DateMay 05, 2021
Last Pinged24 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16
CategoriesPVPRoleplayFunNeed StaffEconomyPVESurvivalMCMMOTownyFree
CountryUnited States of America flag