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Hello, we are Project Anima, we are a fresh Modded Minecraft server running Enigmatica 2. We are running a whitelist which you can apply for in our discord linked below.  If you are looking for a server running a fairly large pack to play with a small community and kind community. Then this could be the server for you!

We are playing on the latest version of Enigmatica 2 and are looking for new people to join us!

The version of Enigmatica 2 we are running is nearly stock, we have a couple of banned items like IC2 Nukes. A full list is in our discord.

We are utilizing the FTB claims system and Chunk loading system to protect your builds and keep thing loaded.

We are running magma on the server as well which allows us to run spigot / bukkit plugins. We currently run quite a few including TAB, Luck Perms and our own plugin all adding new features.

The server is running on a dedicated server, not a shared host or VPS.

We do have a store for the server to help cover server costs, but we don't have any pay to win functions, Such as kits or loot boxes.

Our current long term plans for the server is building an area where players can have shops and stalls where they can trade items with other players, and to have server events where people can win prizes!

To apply for whitelist simply join our discord and type /apply in the whitelist application channel and our bot will Direct message you.

Our Rules:

- Be kind to each other.

- Be respectful to staff

- No Hacking or cheating

- No griefing or stealing

- Swearing / Cussing IS Allowed but abusive language of any kind to anyone will NOT be tolerated. 

- An Admin's word is final

- No massive Redstone machines

- Redstone machines must be turned off when you are not on the server

- Mob farms must be turned off when you are not on the server

- No building within 300m of the spawn point

We don't have an age restriction on the server, we do however expect people to behave maturely.

Our Server IP:


We have very friendly admins who are always ready to help or answer questions :)

We really hope to see you on the server!

Project Anima
Server Information
Project Anima IP5.104.111.234
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Registration DateMay 11, 2021
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Version 1.12.2
CountryUnited Kingdom flag