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Welcome to Quarantine Craft @splatage.com!

Quarantine Craft began in September 2014 as a private server built by families to provide a safe place to play online together.

The children have all grown up now, and the old server gathered dust for a while. However during NZ's 2020 lockdown the old crew got back together and the server was updated, rebuilt and became "Quarantine Craft". It kept us all sane.

On the Co-Op server you will occasionally come across a build or project that was done during Lockdown.

The Wundaland Creative server has a competition running since the beginning to build the best TNT cannon or a mega smelter. The smelter must process a double chest of ore, back into another double chest, in the least time 

Current fastest smelter is 1min 58sec and the best TNT cannon reaches 12,000+ blocks high   

We have many levels of survival difficulty: survival worlds for the beginner are what you expect - vanilla.

There is one that has become a legend - The Nightmare Server. Even the best players who have ever tried this still talk about the experience and shake their heads. This particular place is amazing to hone your survival skills.

Whatever level you play minecraft at, beginner or seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone. 

What set us apart is the ethos of respect that grew from the family friendly origins. We look out for each other here. The Nightmare teaches you this - you cannot survive alone.

New players quickly develop skill and strategy as seasoned pros help guide them.

We also enjoy variety which currently includes the Creative Worlds, Hunger Games PVP, Bedwars, Parkour, Prison Break and others. 

There is even a Featured Server Slot where we take contributions of player built worlds to share and put on display.

We now share this with you, whoever you may be... Welcome Home.

Quarantine Craft
Server Information
Quarantine Craft IPsplatage.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/nYKEzfM.
Registration DateJune 24, 2021
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
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Version 1.17
CategoriesCreativeEconomyPVESurvivalVanillaNewSemi Vanilla
CountryNew Zealand flag
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