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TNT Run | Skywars | PVP | Spleef | OITC | Party Games | Paintball | More!

Use the command "/hype" in the lobby to receive 50 FREE credits today!

Prefex Minigames is a growing community, with more players joining every day! Every game on the network is made with high quality and consideration towards what the players want, every time!

- TNT Run -

As you run across the arena, the blocks underneath your feet get removed! Don't stop, or you'll fall down to a lower level. After all of the players get eliminated by the void, the last one standing wins!

- Skywars -

Spawn on your own island with a chest of pvp supplies, and fight to be the last one standing! Teleport or mine to other islands to get more loot, but beware of the other players who might also be trying to get it!

- Party Games -

Play 10+ relaxing games with your friends! Party Games includes pig soccer, spleef, parkour, paintwars, OITC, and more!

- Paintball -

Charge through the enemy and destroy their core so that the they can't respawn! All while painting the map with your team's color.

- More To Come -

More high quality & unique minigames are being developed as you read this! The server is quickly growing, and provides hours of fun! Prefex also supplies amenities such as a Forums website, and a Discord server to connect with other players!

Supports all versions from 1.8 to Latest!

Prefex Minigames
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Prefex Minigames
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Registration DateJuly 04, 2021
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Version 1.17
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