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Frog Network is A survival network built to bring players together, regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or how you like to play the game.
We’re a growing community of fun and friendly players and staff members playing together across one 7500 x 7500 non-whitelisted survival maps!
We’re as close to the vanilla experience as you can get, with only a few awesome plugins to improve your quality of play - with the /home function, to ensure you never lose your wonderful base, and the Towny plugin - together, members can create villages, towns, nations - you name it!

We have safety features such as *chest protection claims*, as well as a round-the-clock dedicated staff team who will always be there to assist you with questions, and roll back any griefing or raiding if it happens.
FrogSMP also gives players:
>>An extensive interactive Discord where you can hang out, chat, listen to music, and play games with your new friends.
>>Access to /tpa, /kits, /warps, and /spawn commands, to improve the gameplay experience and give fair access to players old and new.
>>The ability to donate for special ranks.
>>A massively LGBTQ+ player base, who are super supportive, inclusive, and friendly, regardless of who you are!
>>A safe space to be who you want to be, to explore your creativity, and to test your survival skills!

Frog Network
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Frog Network
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Registration DateJuly 05, 2021
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Version 1.17+
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