Untitled-MC Project - SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted

Untitled-MC Project - SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted

Untitled-MC Project - SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted ip: untitled-mc.com

Vote For Untitled-MC Project - SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/ZfQNuH4nge

you must join discord before playing, application system on there.

IP - play.untitled-mc.com

We are Untitled MC Project, a new SMP server opening on the 10th July. The general concept of this server that it is "community managed". We have a fair good amount of QOL addons, the server is smp style so there is no tp, land claim. We do have 1 player sleep, vein miner, online stats to compete with fellow players. The discord was created a week ago and has some good people in who are talkative and interactive.

What is Untitled MC Project? Untitled MC Project is a new server launched on the idea of the community controlling the majority of aspects on the server. Most major decisions on the server are suggested and voted by our community.

What makes this different from most servers with a suggestions channel? While it is trust most servers have a suggestions channel as well, they are usually managed, voted on and controlled by the staff team/management team. On here if a vote passes we guarantee it's implementation (if request is possible).

What if I want to make a suggestion? We love it when the community makes suggestions! After all that's what we're all about. That's why it is so easy to put one forward, simply head to our #bot-commands channel, and do ?suggest with a compelling argument as to why the community should vote for your idea. The more detail the better.

How do I become staff? We really appreciate the support you want to give us! Our staff hiring process, like most else is also done by our community. Every 45 days we open the application system for a week, a small screening process will be done with the management team, then if all is okay, you will be asked to produce a statement to show the community as to why you should be staff. Then... you guessed it, the community will vote on who they want represented on the staff team.

Apart from staffing, is there any other way I can support the server? Ofcourse there is! We really appreciate you helping us, we do have a donation store where you can purchase some cosmetic perks to play on the server while also supporting the server. This server is ran non-profit, any funds taken from are put right back in! Donations are NEVER expected from our players, other ways of supporting our server would be to be voting daily! Voting also gives you cosmetic perks (and some nifty ingame gifts) and massively supports the server by getting our name out there.

I've noticed some rules being broken and need help with this! Oh no! While our whitelist does keep out a lot of rule breakers sometimes they can slip through. You can report any player you suspect of rule breaking and our staff will investigate. While we do treat rule breakers seriously we do have compassion in some aspects, small rule breaks are treated leniently and with confidence, last thing we want is drama on our server. Serious rule breakers (either continuously or breaking rules in a big instance) is treated very seriously and can result in permanent bans from our server.
Where can I find the server rules?We have made our rules super easy to find, before joining the server you are dm 'd our rules by the bot when opening your application ticket, you can also find our rules in the discord page #rules.

I'm going away for a while, will I lost my whitelist spot? Absolutely not! There is no whitelist limit on the server. There is also no limit on how inactive your base can be, if you come back and find any issues with your base let the staff team know! (Please note the shopping district does have a inactive removal policy of 30 days).

What goes on in terms of server events? Events are great, they are an awesome way to bring a community together for a few hours a evening. Any events on the server are player managed and player built. Keep an eye on our #events channel. There will be events coming there soon. Hey, you can even win some real life rewards .

Untitled-MC Project - SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/ZfQNuH4nge
Registration DateJuly 10, 2021
Last Pingedabout 10 hours ago
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Version 1.17.1
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