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Welcome To DDS-Gaming, we offer servers with Pixelmon, Survival, and Bedwars. Come Join Us Today!

Pixelmon Reforged: (latest version Adds over 850 pokemon to minecraft). This version of pixelmon runs on minecraft 1.12.2. To join the pixelmon server you need a pixelmon modpack, you can either use the one below or another to connect.

Pixelmon ModPack - 

Vanilla Servers: Aside from pixelmon we also have survival and bedwars servers. You can login to the survival and bedwar servers using any minecraft client running version 1.12 --> 1.17. Come Join us Today!

Discord Server -


LVL 5000 Max Level / Custom "DDS Gear" Item To Navigate Whole Server / Tutorials / FREE Pokeheal / 10x Spawn Rates / Shiny Starters / Kits / Pwiki / Biome Warps / Warps For Nether,End,Ultra Space / Daily FREE Keys / Upgradeable Daycare / Safari Zone / Pokestops / Hunts / Normal & EV Training / Dex Rewards / 16 MMO Skills / Unlimited Homes / Casino / Quests / RTP / Daily Vote Rewards / Wondertrade / Custom Shops / Gyms & Elite 4 Ranging from lvl 15 - 5000

Survival SMP

MCMMO Skills / Unlimited Homes / Grief Prevention / Random Teleporting


Solos / Duos

DDS Gaming
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DDS Gaming
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Registration DateJuly 20, 2021
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Version 1.17
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