OMS LITV2 1.28a

OMS LITV2 1.28a

OMS LITV2 1.28a ip:

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We welcome anyone to play on the server. Build your colony from scratch! Run your colony the way you want! Versions can be found in the Discord or on the MOTD.

The server has some special little things that makes ours unique:
- It's public!
- The version is locked at 1.28a
- We have a Discord for anyone to join to talk and get help if issues pop up.
- The server is linked to the Discord. Talk to people in the server in the server integration chat! It also works the other way around too!
- On Discord we offer recommended mods to make the experience more smooth. Over 160+ mods are in use, optimization is recommended!
- We just started using a Mumble server! It's optional but just something fun to try out for proximity voice chat.

See you on the server!

OMS LITV2 1.28a
Server Information
OMS LITV2 1.28a IP192.154.224.205
Discord Link
Registration DateSeptember 05, 2021
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.16.5
CountryUnited States of America flag