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General Summary
Hillcrest is a server focused on providing an environment with minimal moderation, lacking the protections you find on most survival servers. With this though we aim to provide a unique endgame survival experience with additions like SlimeFun and custom enchants, in a more chaotic environment. To achieve this, raiding, griefing, and PvP are permitted everywhere but in the core spawn region. We also have quality of life features spanning from player-to-player teleportation to the ability to set a home, to the ability to use leads on villagers, and wind that slightly alters Elytra speed and mobs. To ensure raiding remains lucrative, enderchests are only 1 row and backpacks and other portable storage devices within SlimeFun are disabled.

Features and Information

  • World borders: (Overworld 20k from each direction of spawn, Nether 20k, End Unlimited)

  • Slimefun plugin (access guide with /openguide)

  • Additional enchantments (view enchantment info with /enchantinfo <name>)

  • Single player sleep (If 33 percent of all online players sleep, the night skips)

  • Combat logging (If a player logs out in combat, their items could drop)

  • All backpacks/portable storage devices within Slimefun are disabled and Enderchests only have 1 row.

    Server Rules

    1. Do not modify your gameplay to attain an unfair advantage

    2. Do not use any glitches that duplicate an item

    3. Do not cause significant lag or strain to the server

    4. Do not evade any bans issued

    5. Adhere to admin directions

Server Information
Hillcrest IPhillcrestmc.net
Registration DateSeptember 16, 2021
Last Pinged11 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.17.1
CategoriesPVPAnarchySmallNewFreeNeed StaffSemi VanillaSMP
CountryUnited States of America flag
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