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HyperMC Network ip: hypermc1.tk

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Are you looking for a fun minecraft mini game server to play on? Are you looking for a fun and helpful community? Well, you came to the right place! Welcome to !

Please NOTE> If this website shows this server as offline my server is still online but, the website is just not detecting it so everyone can still join just ignore the offline symbol please

Cross compatibility added join our discord server to find both the ip and port for bedrock and PE users.

(NEW BedWars server added and released)

Here is what we offer:

Very Fun events!!!
Fair And Experienced Staff Team!
Friendly Environment!
Minecraft Server to play on!
Bots To Play Around With!
Amazing Community and you can even make friends!
AND SO MUCH MORE!!! (Join to find out everything)

We hope to get to know everyone who join and we will make sure to make you feel welcome to our server! also we are in a massive need of members and staff to keep our server going.

MC server version---->1.8 to 1.18.1 supported
All mini games online 24/7 Including our whole entire server
will be online 24/7!!!

This is a awesome mini game server for anyone we hope you join!!!
Current mini game that are officially released: SkyWars,Survival,KitPvP,BedWars

Pre-Released mini games
1. Amplified Survival

Mini games coming very soon!!!



Also we do Minecraft server hosting so if you want a free minecraft server for you and your friends you can come to us we offer 24 hour servers some limits but, everything else is up to you.

Mini games coming soon: Plots,mazerunner and much more!!

HyperMC Network
Server Information
HyperMC Network IPhypermc1.tk
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/2sPvF5hC4Y
Registration DateOctober 02, 2021
Last Pinged20 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.17.1
CategoriesSkyblockSkywarsKit PVPFunNeed StaffFactionsMinigamesSurvivalBed WarsCommunity
CountryUnited States of America flag