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About myself

Hey, I'm J and I'm someone who's been dreaming of creating a minecraft server with a great community, even if It's just a small one and I've come to think that now is the time for me to invest time and money for the server.

What will Babacraft be?

I've always been a big fan of survival games, so I've been thinking of creating a survival server with mcmmo and landclaiming. Though I'm open to new ideas, that will be the main project behind it all.

What am i looking for?

I'm looking for mature people with good intentions to help me setup the server and keep it running. To be more specific I'm looking for all kind of staffmembers such as builders, devs, advertisers and graphic designers. Even though i said I'll be investing time into the server, the sad reality is that I'll be busy working for most of the time, which means I'm also looking for a server manager who will be managing the staffmembers and the server itself, while I'll be managing the finances and other administrations of the server. Note that I'm also in critical need of builders and graphic designers, thus you will get paid for your service and as for the other roles, they will be free positions without payment! (At least for now)

Where and how do i apply?

The application will consist of 2 parts:

1st part will be basic questions to answer down below:



Position you want to apply for:

Where you live (country):

2nd part will be a short interview to get to know you a little better and feel you out a little bit, so discord will be needed for this:

Add me: JoloTheCoco#1238

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