Vote For is the much-needed, new, and exciting network providing a fresh, up-to-date, and continuously polished experience that caters to any player, from the total newbie to the polished veteran. Currently featuring Survival and OneBlock gamemodes, we strive to provide multiplayer and community activities and engagement to keep the experience as fun as day one via numerous implementations that include a player-made, player-driven economy, custom items, a custom resource pack, various events, and constant updates to make sure we meet your expectations.

Endgame? What's that?

Netherite will not let that happen because there will always be more activities and exciting new features, such as different Quests, Battle Passes, Jobs and new mechanics updated every week.

 Our team is constantly ensuring our servers work at peak conditions with proper redundancy and we guarantee quick problem resolution in the rare cases of technical problems.

 What are you waiting for? Join us now on our journey to creating a new era of gameplay no others can achieve.

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IP: - Port 19132
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Registration DateNovember 26, 2021
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
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Version 1.17
CountryEurope flag's Top Voters