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Hello and welcome!, we're a server host that basically only coded by ONE developer! but we're still welcome a new developer to join!. 

We're a server hosting network! you can start by clicking the NPC or type /create in game!.

Yes, we're still on beta version and commands may not work well, if you have any problem please content a staff, I believe they will help you.

By joining the server, please open your Minecraft game (All client support) and click "Multiplayer", after that, please click Add Server and type TheLegendHost in "Server Name" and in "Server Address", remember to click "Done" after all!, 

If this image pop up:

Then we're really sorry about that, because we're running at Aternos that's why sometimes its going to become offline if there's no one online... We're truly sorry if you try to connect but your not able to.

This is IMPORTANT for new players! that is our server's rules! 

#1 Always follow the staff

#2 Don't crash the server

#3 No 18+ topics

#4 Do not hack

#5 Never send some scam / rickroll links

#6 No crashing the server

#7 No griefing

#8 Respect eachother

#9 Do not beg for staff

#10 Do not racist

Staff have rights to punishment you if you unfollow these rules.

Join today! we're waiting for your join!.



The Legend Host
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The Legend Host
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Version 1.17
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