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Adept SMP
Semi-vanilla Survival
Java + Bedrock Compatible

This newly founded SMP has a lot to offer. Adept means very skilled or proficient at something which means this smp will be a grind to becoming wealthy on this server.

Become your OWN real estate agent and contractor by building a town and becoming mayor; sell property and give permissions to your townies with our in depth Grief Prevention plugin. Start a business with beautiful chest shops and customizable holograms to mesh with your builds.
And If you aren't the entrepreneur type, take on jobs that can be completed with everyday tasks such as mining, farming, building, enchanting, etc.

EssentialsX, Grief Prevention, MCMMO, and MUCH MORE!

Keep inventory and pvp are on, but be careful adventuring into the nether......WHAT!? We couldn't make it that easy!

All new players to join the Adept SMP, will be given a new player bonus of $20,000 in-game currency plus 5000 extra claim blocks!
Just be sure to let us know this post sent you!

We have a friendly Discord Community, so, don't be shy!

Join us at:

Adept SMP
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OwnerAdept SMP
Adept SMP
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Registration DateDecember 14, 2021
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Version 1.18
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