Zeacraft SMP (season-4)

Zeacraft SMP (season-4)

Zeacraft SMP (season-4) ip: play.zeacraft.xyz

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Zeacraft aims to keep the vanilla feel of the game, whilst only proving quality-of-life improvements. And thanks to Grief Prevention, you can keep your personal belongings safe whilst you explore the breath-taking open-world landscape!. Join us as we enter season 4!

On the server, we have a few plugins to enhance your survival experience. With additions like events, ranks, crates, and kits there is always something new on the Zeacraft server!

For those of you who like a more classic survival experience, this is still fully possible, there are just more options available if you are interested.

Key Features.

• Open-world survival.

• Constantly updated to new versions.

• Optional Story mode / quests.

• Togglable PVP.

• Grief prevention.

• Player Driven.

• Teamwork activities.

• Weekly events.

Zeacraft SMP (season-4)
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/q63KVGx2n2
Registration DateDecember 22, 2021
Last Pingedabout 17 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.18
CountryUnited States of America flag