DogePvP (Double Voting Rewards /vote)

DogePvP (Double Voting Rewards /vote)

DogePvP (Double Voting Rewards /vote) ip:

Vote For DogePvP (Double Voting Rewards /vote)

DogePvP - Network

Beta Map #1

IP -
Versions - 1.8 to 1.18

Bedwars - PracticePvP

Factions Blue - Chill Eco
10 Man
100 power per player (plus power bonus upgrades)

Gapple/Crapple PvP
Custom Enchants
Farm2Win Eco
Custom Mobs (Custom Drops)
Custom Spawners
Custom Hoppers!
Custom Rank UP System! (In the works!)
Mob Coins / Mob Coin Shop
Quests (for free Keys/Ranks)

Factions Top Rewards
1st : 150$ Buycraft
2nd: 125$ Buycraft
3rd: 90$ Buycraft
4th: 50$ Buycraft
5th: 25$ Buycraft

(( Enjoy the map! Please report any bugs! ))

DogePvP (Double Voting Rewards /vote)
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateDecember 22, 2021
Last Pinged24 minutes ago
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Version 1.8
CategoriesEconomyFactionsMinigamesPVPBed WarsOP Factions
CountryUnited Kingdom flag