TaintedCraft V3

TaintedCraft V3

TaintedCraft V3 ip: taintedcraft.hopto.org

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Hello all this is TaintedCraft, essentially a remastered version of the past servers I have made years ago. TaintedCraft primarily focuses on a Hardcore "semi-vanilla" PvP approach. There are still tons of plugins but none that are exactly game breaking for example while there are shops on the server they cost significantly more than a player just going to get the materials themselves.

The server is hardcore PvP which means, griefing and pvping are encouraged there are no protection systems for individual players aside from Factions, if your team gets conquered then it is over!

Main Features:
-Faction PvP
-Hardcore PvP
-Auction House
-Fun, yes this is a feature

-No proactive/racist remarks within chat channel(s)!
-No mods x-ray/fly mod
-No asking for op powers or spawned items
-No spamming chat

This server is a fun server that loves building, we also enjoy awesome faction PvP wars so be on your toes when you enter this server but know that your are safe in some areas such as spawn.

What are you waiting for? JOIN TAINEDCRAFT NOW!!!

TaintedCraft V3
Server Information
TaintedCraft V3 IPtaintedcraft.hopto.org
Registration DateJanuary 09, 2022
Last Pinged5 minutes ago
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Version 1.18
CountryUnited States of America flag