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Flan-Z Reloaded

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__------____/ === ======================== | ________________/ FLAN-Z RELOADED | ___--_/(_) ^ |___--- A world awaits you full of misery, despair, hunger, depression, thirst, betrayal, and bloodshed. When one experiment was one too many, and changed the face of the planet forever. Zombies roams the lands tormenting the remaining survivors. Trust was a beautiful thing, but now trust seems to be a silly word. One can never watch his own back enough, for they will not know whether he will be stricken down by a survivor, or a zombie. Flan-Z Reloaded! Trailer = Website = Flan-Z is the proud successor of the original minecraft server (Flan-Z). It was the first original dayz in minecraft server involving 3d guns, vehicles, explosives, and any, and every dayz element you can think of. Unfortunately the original one was discontinued due to insufficient upkeep funds but that will not be the case here. Flan-Z offers a rich, and friendly environment, as well as most importantly a new minecraft experience. Have you ever controlled a helicopter while your buddy is shooting down enemies? Have you ever stragetically placed c4, and waited until your victim passed by? Have you ever surrounded yourselves with claymores while you take a vantage point with your sniper? These are only a few of the amazing gameplay features that Flan-z Reloaded offers it's players. Whether you're a minecraft veteran, or a new player to the game, you will find your place here. A brief list of several features: -Guns(snipers, shotguns, pistols, etc.)[3d models] -Explosives(Rpgs, c4, claymore, grenades)[3d models] -Extra(Parachutes, binoculars, ghillie suits) -Vehicles(Helicopters, recreational planes, biplanes, Cessnas, golf carts, bicycles etc.) -Health(Leaches, Medkits) -Building materials -Enhanced voting system This server would not be made possible without mods therefore a modpack is required upon entry however installation was never easier! Video Tutorial= Text Tutorial= 1) Open up a browser and type 2) Click the download tab, and download the right version of the technic launcher for your os. 3) Start up technic launcher, and scroll through the modpacks till you find :Add Modpack:(click that) 4) Paste the Flan-Z Reloaded modpack url ( 5) Click Add Modpack, and click PLAY! NOTE: ***If It asks to select a directory, follow steps 6-9*** 6)Make a new empty folder on your desktop 7)Select that folder as the directory 8)Click Add Modpack 9)Click Play

Flan-Z Reloaded
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Flan-Z Reloaded
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Version 1.7.10
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