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CraftRealms PVP [200 Players] [24/7]

CraftRealms PVP [200 Players] [24/7]

CraftRealms PVP [200 Players] [24/7] ip:

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Survival: [200 Slots] PVP: [200 Slots] Hunger Games: [100 Slots] Hello, Welcome to CraftRealms. We have hit an amazing 50,000 NEW Users in 3 months! We are a fast growing community that welcomes new people at the best of its ability! Servers: We have expanded! ----------[Survival Server:]----------------- *[200 Slots]* *[Towny]* *[McMMO]* *[Mob Arena]* *[House Renting System]* *[Custom RPG System]* *[NoCheatPlus]*[Anti-Xray]* *[CreativeControl]* *[Donor Ranks and Perks]* *[Trial Mods Every 2 Weeks]* *[16gb Dedicated Machine] And much more! This Server has 2 worlds. One wolrd is where all towns and houses will be build and each and one of them will be protected and rolledback if griefed! The second world will have no protection or rules. It will be known as "The Wild" in this place is where you will be collecting all your items and you will be building your homes, and etc. The wild world will be reset every 2-3 weeks since we need new ores, trees, caves. Etc to be regenerated for people to keep on getting materials! The main wold will remain clean and good to look at. -------------[PVP Server:]---------------------- *[200 Slots]* *[Factions]* *[Pvp Arenas]* *[Anti-Xray]* *[NoCheatPlus]* *[Pvp Stats]* *[War]* *[Pvp Ranks]* *[Mob Arena]* And much more...! On this server it will be a PvP experience like no other! We will be choosing top pvpers of the month for a free shiny rank! Also we are woeking on putting 3 different maps that will be working as hudge arenas! -----------------[HungerGames:]---------------- *[100 Slots]* *[Fully Automated HungerGames!]* *[Pvp Arenas]* *[Anti-Xray]* *[NoCheatPlus]* *[3 arenas]* *[Top Hunger Games Winner Ranks]* And much more...! This is a fully automated Hunger Games Server. There are 3 maps of 25 players each that will be running! People can join games without the help of an admin to start or stop a game. There will also be VIP ranks which have the ability to join a game that has started 5 minutes ago. ----------------------------[CraftRealms]------------------------------

CraftRealms PVP [200 Players] [24/7]
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