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Come join a veteran survival server! VillageCraft is a purely public server; anyone can join. Gameplay is survival-based with PVP on in everywhere but villages. You can even choose to have PvP on or off in your villages! VillageCraft, as the name suggests, is about teaming up to build villages. Worthy villages are granted special permissions, such as disallowing PVP, grief protection, zone greetings, server-side stores, town leaders, and much more! Our staff members are very helpful and active. IP Main server: <b></b>] Feed the Beast: <b></b>] (whitelisted while in testing phase, we accept any add requests on the forums) Vanilla: <b></b>] MORE INFO: <i>Economy</i> -Essentials Economy -Full set of server stores in the spawn town to buy and sell your items. -All items mathematically balanced at realistic prices. -Showcase! You can set up shops, display items, and sell to other players. <i>PVP</i> -On everywhere (except in villages that choose to have PVP off). <i>Region Protection</i> -On by default in villages. <i>Villages</i> -You can start or join a village with other players! -You can be the owner, create the rules, and set the building codes. -You choose whether PVP is on or off. -You can also choose to have a seat in the VillageCraft Parliament. -You will be entitled to various perks for simply living in a village. -Join to find out! <i>Don't feel like building a village just yet?</i> -You can join another village, or; -We have a full spawn town to explore and live in, or; -You can always go rogue and live in the wilds. IP: <b></b>]

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