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Gildorym is intended to be a simplified Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 based Minecraft server with Mature Role-play scenarios inside the continent of Faerûn. The World is a harsh place, with fortune & danger lurking around every corner. With the opportunity for every man to take his chance at fame. The continent of Faerûn is part of the world of Abeir-Toril, an Earth-like planet with certain obvious influences and similarities from the real world and fantasy fiction for the campaign setting Forgotten Realms in Dungeon's & Dragons lore. Our Dungeon Masters and Staff run regular events involving deep plots, with twists both good & evil, with opportunity for the player's actions to decide its fate. We use a D&D based class system offering over 11 different and unique combat classes each with their own developing storyline, 7 different races and 5 crafting professions that each have vital place in our world economy. Lastly, we currently use the factions plugin system allowing players to become Lords of Lands, conquer other others and even vie for the Crown of Gildorym. So fancy trying yourself to become a wealthy land owner? A Powerful Sorcerer? A Master Rogue? or even just content running your farm, or local smithy? The choice is entirely yours. "So where is Gildorym?" The Isle, Gildorym, is based in the Korinn Archipelagio off the Sword Coast. The isle is a place of great planes, dark woods, huge mountains, dry deserts, high castles & deep oceans. Despite being blessed with the protection of the city states. Gildorym is still plagued by Werewolves, Vampires, Dragons, Cults, Pirates, & Dark Gods. "How does it work?" You make a character based on the Forgotten Realms lore (3.5 edition). Choose a Race, God, Class, Profession, and an Alignment. Decide a back story and off you go into the world playing as the character of your choice. You can build, trade, and adventure to your heart’s content. Gildorym is one of the few servers that already has its own preset Lore, through the D&D Faerûn lore, offering players a vast knowledge base they can use to create & develop their characters No longer do you have to worry if your taking your story too far, if it’s in the Faerûn Lore, 99% is accepted. You can work to gain your own title, building your own Cult, Guild, Army, Town or Faction. Becoming a Master, Lord, Warlord, Knight or even just a humble farmer. "What makes us Unique?" Gildorym is one of the few worlds that offers the Faerûn Experience in a setting that is completely changeable. Our Admin team works tirelessly to create the perfect roleplay experience possible, allowing players to develop characters with deep storylines where they can influence the world around them. We do this with a dedicated team of admins, mods & event managers that run roleplay Events on a daily basis. These events range from the main storyline of the Isle, to smaller individual storylines, to plotlines that involve groups. These roleplay events can have unexpected twists and turns, ending in character development, levels, quests, classes and if you’re not careful, curses, enemies and quite possibly death.. You can get involved, or choose to ignore them and continue on your characters storyline exclusively. Our server also has its own specific and ever improving RP-PVP system that reflects character experience rewarding those who have put a lot of time into their character, but also giving lower level players a chance. "What do I need to know?" Interested in becoming a part of Gildorym? The first thing you need to do is read up on our History, Races, Classes, Gods, Alignments, RP-PVP & Rules. Then head to our applications forum and submit an application to join.

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