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"A community driven server with a thirst for meeting basic player needs and keeping them happy. Here at Orecraft, we believe that the player comes first and we're doing everything we can to ensure that our servers are tailor made for player enjoyment. Our survival server is our flagship server. The original and some would say the best. Survival has been finely tuned over many months to enable players to get the most out of interacting with other players and building their own structures. PvP is enabled on survival but is disabled around claims to give players breathing room to build. Our kitpvp and factions servers are designed to cater for players who have a competitive streak as well as allowing a way for players to express their aggressive nature without being banned on our less competitive servers. PvP is enabled everywhere except at spawn locations. Our creative and skyblock servers are for those who are peaceful at heart. No pvp is allowed and we challenge our players on both servers in different ways. Creative challenges players to create truly magnificent structures within large plot confines and skyblock challenges players to make the most of the resources they are given. Our artistic and logical players get the most out of these servers. Last but most definitely not least we have our prison server. A server that is designed for those who enjoy being ambitious and having goals set for them by the server itself. The prison itself is a state of the art custom built design with many areas to explore. The prison server also includes features such as a black market for greater community interaction and a law enforcement system to ensure that prison feels like a real prison with one crucial difference... It's an enjoyable experience!... This Is OreCraft."

OreCraft Network
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OreCraft Network
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