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Banana S’mores - The Friendliest & Happiest Adult Minecraft on Earth! At Banana S’mores, we do our best to maintain an enjoyable, respectful, mature, adult-focused, friendly, interactive, supportive, helpful and collaborative atmosphere for our members. Our goal is to have FUN with our members, and not at the expense of our members. Our members tell us over and over that the Banana S’mores environment is the friendliest Minecraft server they have been on, and they are now for the first time, able to fully embrace and enjoy the depth of the Minecraft “Survival Mode” that supports the creative builds of our members (not to be confused with the Minecraft ‘Creative Mode’) as well as the collaborative experience that was missing on other servers. Both a great learning environment for beginners and a dream-come-true for advanced users, we have server settings set to “hard difficulty” to enhance the user build and interaction experience. The Banana S’mores Minecraft Server (BSMS) is a dedicated 24/7, gaming optimized server. It is owned and operated in the USA by an enthusiastic, fun-loving and detail-oriented husband and wife team who are passionate about the Minecraft gaming environment. Besides being friendly and ever-helpful, between them they possess a perfect blend of technical Gaming Server skills, as well as excellent, patient and ever-helpful people skills. They also posses a robust knowledge of the Minecraft environment and the vast array of optional server plugins. The Banana S’mores Minecraft Server (BSMS) is optimized for, and mostly limited to adults (18 years or older) seeking Minecraft play in a creative, mature and respectful gaming environment. (We do make allowances for members that are under 18 years of age but require they have an “over the age of 18 years” sponsor from the Banana S’mores membership. We make this allowance so children and their parents or older siblings can enjoy our Minecraft together as a family activity.) The Banana S’mores Minecraft Server and world map can be found at The Banana S’mores website is The Minecraft Interactive Environment Overview The Banana Smores Minecraft environment is set to a “PVE Survival” mode with a PVP area. We are a “No-Grief” and “No Raiding” Minecraft server environment. Additionally we have the ability to restore any unwanted changes caused by yourself, other players or hostile mobs, without loss or degradation to the pre-loss levels. All items on our server have been “mined” and crafted by our community of players. We DO NOT allow spawning of any blocks or items. Minecraft Build Permissions are ONLY assigned to registered members which must be done at our Banana S’mores website. Server and Minecraft Mod Information We are a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Environment configuration. The primary difference from a Vanilla Minecraft experience and our Semi-Vanilla environment is: Creeper damage to blocks is disabled Addition of custom teleport structures to facilitate rapid movements within the gaming environment The addition of an Economy and Shops Registered members/players can vote in changes for game time and weather Members personal builds are protected Server Mods / Plugins: Residence Essentials ChestShop Lockette Dynmap Vote CoreProtect With these above listed Minecraft mods/plugin configurations, players can make their own shops, protect their builds and chests, view the world via a “map” displayed in their browser and vote for changes to the weather, time of day, and even to “kick” players causing trouble. About the Banana S’mores Community First and foremost, the Banana S’mores is a collaborative players community where members decide the rules for the group. Members are encouraged to bring up new ideas and participate in group decisions. Minecraft gaming on the Banana S’mores site is ‘FREE’. What this means is that we try to keep everything offered from the Vanilla Minecraft “free” and accessible to all members. The benefit to our members is that unlike most other servers, our Nether and End Worlds are part of our “free” gameplay area. We believe in and want to support our members creative expression and build efforts in every way we can. To support a happy and creative membership, we do not tolerate the destruction of other member’s builds, stealing from other members, building right next to or on top of another user (that is, without member permission since “friends” may enjoy this kind of interaction), hacking, x-ray use, annoying or destructive behavior in the Minecraft build areas. Additionally, behavior such as bullying, insulting, flaming, racism, harassment, or excessive profanity, will not be tolerated in the “chat” environment. (Banana S’mores guidelines and rules can be found here ) We also maintain an approved client mod list which includes mods like Rei’s Mini-map and optifine. If you have any problems we have a extremely friendly staff to help with anything Minecraft. We also have a TeamSpeak Server at using the default Port of 9987 Our members and sponsors are like family and are the most important element of our community! About the Banana S’mores Technical and Moderator/Admin Team I’m cYnIxX3 your server admin and Minecraft moderator. I was the leader of my first gaming group in 1997 with the original game Starcraft. In 2003 I started managing my own dedicated server for Counter-Strike. In the past I have been the leader of numerous gaming groups with hundreds of members and game servers that were working full-time 24/7. At that time I was in the US Army and learning about computer and network security. Since then I have expanded from Linux servers, to websites, web security and most recently Cisco networking. It really was not until the Redstone update that Minecraft really caught my interest. As a result of that interest I turned one of my test servers into a dedicated Minecraft server. I decided we wanted an environment for adults to enjoy the game without having to worry about their builds being destroyed by others. That desire gave birth to Banana S'mores. SolarLynx is the groups treasurer and the other part of the husband/wife team that operates Banana S’mores. While very busy with her current college curriculum (Pre-Med for becoming a medical doctor and carrying a 4.0 GPA no less!), Her responsibilities include monitoring and reporting problems as well as managing the groups budget. She does not have any moderator or administrative roles, but does have direct access to cYnIx for administrative discussions. As far as her abilities in the realm of Minecraft, she is an incredibly devoted, talented and detailed builder with a great deal of patience and a very large vision. One of her most amazing feats… in survival mode, she constructed a massive cathedral over 300 meters long and 100 meters high (planned with graph paper!). Her builds are unmatched in size and complexity. SolarLynx is also one of the nicest and kindest people you will ever run across and a real pleasure to have around when you need something, plus she makes one of the world’s best pecan pies!

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