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Pst, you! Yes, I mean you! Are you looking for a survival server to play Minecraft? Then you should check out Everhold! It's a nice little multiplayer survival server with a small and friendly community. We have a huge survival world with Land Claiming, no griefing or raiding. For the more creative people out there, we are offering a creative world aswell however we mainly care about our survival world and it's the biggest part of our server so be creative in survival! Now you may wonder “Isn't that boring?” The answer to that question is simple: No, it isn't. We have many things that make playing on our server special and unique. We are offering things like LandClaiming, Homes, Events, McMMO and a big amount of Quests and challenges that make playing survival even more interesting and allow you to get special items so that you will be able to move mob-spawners or actual items like torches that enhance the general gameplay in survival. We are very strict on the vanilla survival playstyle so every player has the same privileges, no one will have unfair advantages. However, it is possible to rankup through many of our Member ranks. These will get you some special items as well as access to new commands but they are mainly there to give you a goal while playing survival. LandClaiming will allow you to have much space that can't get griefed or looted by other players, so that you can build all the things you can imagine without having to worry about them being destroyed. The Night-time-PvP will allow you to be left alone in the daytime, so that you can safely care for your claimed area. But worry not, everyone is Anti-PvP and more Pro-Building. All in all, everything is made for people who love playing survival and who love to build. And if you ever get bored of playing survival then we have many other things to offer you like an RPG World that is constantly being worked on by our Staff. This RPG World offers you a nice break from survival while also being a lot of fun. More and more of the RPG Worlds, or RPG Stories as we call them, are being made as the time passes and they reward you with fun custom items for survival. If you want to play on a server with only an average amount of players where you can chat with others and play survival and all in all have a good time, then join us at! We have been online for severalmonths now, so that the number of our members will most likely still increase but as it is now, everyone knows each other, which leads to very nice talks in chat as well as lots of fun. At the moment we aren't looking for new staff, should you have interest in joining the team you can try to show that you would be a good choice if the need for new team members comes up. However you must be on the server for atleast a month before we can consider you. But the best thing would be if you just joined us now and test it for yourself! You don't have to read this part about the rules as it's already explained ingame and is just common sense but some sites oblige us to add this; our rules are simple: no cheating (Speedhacks, Xray, Fastbreak etc)(an anticheatplugin will stop it, if tried though), no disrespectful language towards others, no floating trees and 1 by 1 towers. There are some more small rules but they are explained ingame and are also just straight forward. IP:

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