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"hard" sci-fi experience unlike any other, drawing inspiration from the likes of Firefly, Deus Ex, and Borderlands, Project Ceres is the sequel to the server known as Project Horizon ( ran by Rhisereld ). 

After the shutdown of the Horizon Initiative, and by extension the whole of the Horizon Space Station and the colony on Ontalor, a new mega–corporation began to rise—eventually buying out ALL of the Horizon Initiative's assets- among dozens of other companies, making a massive name for themselves. 

This company, “Graves Manufacturing,” rose quick and brought forth a swath of technological and philosophical advancements—bringing a near end to governmental ignorance towards higher technology with the introduction of legalizing (government sanctioned) combat droids and even the research of Artificial Intelligence. 

With the rise of technology and the attaining of the Horizon Project on their backs, Graves Manufacturing pushed for a new Initiative—aptly named the Ceres Initiative (Also known as Project Ceres), after the nigh uninhabited Ceres System.
The Initiative's goals remain fuzzy, yet people flock to Ceres, in search of opportunity and a new life.
Join us on our forums or check out our discord channel for more information— we look forward to seeing you. 

Forum -- Apply to Whitelist here. 
Discord -- Ask any questions you may have. 


  • Explore the Ceres Station and the frost planet of Ju-Ni 
  • Work your way through a custom profession and crafting system. 
  • Be a part of Weekly Events 
  • See the beauty of Ceres in our custom resource pack. 
  • Roleplay alongside fantastic lore and find expansive stories to uncover 
  • And [ Excessively loud radio voice ] much, much more! 

Project Ceres
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Version 1.12
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