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Project Ceres


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WARNING: This server is a heavy RP server! That means you won't be able to play normal Minecraft on this server - it is designed for people to immerse themselves in the role of a character and write a story together through the medium of Minecraft. Welcome to Project Horizon A science-fiction oriented Minecraft server dedicated to serious roleplay. Choose Your Profession Play as an engineer, pilot, labourer, hunter, medic or anything else your imagination can dream up. This is a roleplay server - you can be anything and the stars are your limit. Explore the Unknown Our story takes place on the fringe of human colonisation, in the backwater solar system of Epsilon 5. Explore Horizon Space Station, travel and trade hub. Discover Asteroid Station 11, a mining program worked by convicts. Fight to survive on Ontalor, the dangerous colony planet with a reputation for unruly local fauna... Make Your Mark On a roleplay server, anything can happen. Become a dreaded space pirate and lay waste to the system. Create a new bioweapon that will strike fear into your enemies. Or perhaps form a revolution against the big corporations! Only the story can tell what will happen next... Apply Now! As a heavy RP server, we hold applicants to a high standard and keep a whitelist. This is to ensure the RP on our server is good quality and enjoyable for everyone. Before you join, you will want to look over the Wiki for important information about the world of Project Horizon: You should also read the Rules so you don't end up banned: Once you feel ready, please apply on our website here!:

Project Ceres
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Project Ceres IP184.95.34.98
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition