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Server IP: Server Website: Craftee Survival Minecraft Server. Dedicated server and internet connection. 50 slots (for now) Active group of players Helpful admin Awesome gameplay PLAYER PROTECTION: LWC – Lightweight Chest Locking. Lock Chests, Doors, Furnaces and Signs. WorldGuard – You may use WorldGuard to protect your house/land. 10 regions at 200K each GAMEPLAY: MobBounty – Get paid a few bucks for killing monsters. Get fined for killing Wild Wolves. MobCatcher - CATCH MOBS! Throw chicken eggs at them.. Uses 5 or 10 redstones per use. mcMMO – Aquire skills as you play the game! Check out the mcMMO wiki. TreeAssist – Use axes to instantly cut down trees. OR mcMMO as you level. Tradesigns – Setup a store! There will be a central mall soon that will have warps. DynMap - Real-time map of the world. Does NOT show player locations. Only names. Webchat is on also. SERVER PROTECTION: NoCheat – Prevents Flymod, fight mods and more. Make it fair for ALL to play Orebfuscator – Helps prevent Xray mods. CoreProtect – Logs ALL block transactions on the map by player, time and date. OTHER SERVER INFO: Modded clients are NOT allowed. Any mod that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed. (Flymod, xray, combat, etc) Yes, the server logs warnings from them. Inventory Tweaks and Mini maps are OK. This is Survival. You CAN starve to death so find food and start a farm ASAP. Yes, players will try to kill you. Make a base FAR from spawn and use WorldGuard / LWC. Every new player starts with $500 in game money. Use it wisely. Unfortunately, placing LAVA is disabled due to mass griefing before. You may use lava buckets in furnaces tho. Trusted players *MAY* get lava placed in WorldGuarded areas if requested.

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Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged27 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition