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Hello guys welcome to my server called RedRaidCraft i'm quite new to this website so i hope iam doing it at the right place so what is RedRaidCraft? It is a 24/7 factions server with alot of pvp there is a nice spawn there is a pvp arena a warp wild if you need to get out of the spawn! it's not a big server yet it's still a small server with 50 slots 2gb so i hope you atleast come check the server out it has a /kit Starter for people that are default there is also donate ranks they are really cheap now because there is a sale i do need staff on this server also so feel free to join the server it is only for premium players not cracked there is also /vote so you can vote on alot of links to get In-Game money and Gapples but i honestly don't know if my server is like good i need suggestions what should i do better and what should i remove from the server i mean the ranks are all working fine and the other things but i want some suggestions on what i could do better we also have /pv 1-2 for the default players as a default player on the server you get 3 sethomes and you can create your own Faction! with your friends or whatever i mean it's not a big server yet but if i have the money i will get BungeeCord it will be a hub server then it will have gamemodes such as KitPvP,OP-Factions,Factions and way more but i need some ideas i hope this is some good information for you if you want to join the server feel free to join it's hosted at an EU company so the server is hosted in the Netherlands so you might lag i pay for the server every month so it is always up 24/7 so feel free to come check it out IP: or Website: BuyCraft: %50 off sale all ranks they are really cheap atm so come join the server to be honest i don't expect too many new players because the server is kind of boring because there is no players but i still try to get some new players so yeah!

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RedRaidCraft IP5.200.23.174
Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
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Version 1.11
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition