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Valhalla - AR15 Minecraft

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This server is a enhanced survival world where you can do everything you can imagine. Seriously, like, anything.

Some of our features include...

We have a player based economy, the value of items depend solely on the supply and demand of our playerbase.

We have added usable guns in our server, blast your enemies from far away!

We have a myriad of different types of mini-games for you to enjoy if you're feeling the itch to try something other than survival. These minigames rotate around daily, so you'll always have something different to play with your friends.

We have tons of build contests of all types including themed builds and art contests, you'll be able to show off your skills and creativity while potentially winning some unique prizes. We host a minimum of one build contest per month, but most of the time we do more!

The entrance to the server is very unique, in that it is a morality test. We want to see what kind of person you are and we have developed a test to determine this. If you fail the test or fail to follow the rules posted during the test you will most likely be banned permanently, or if you are lucky, only jailed for a short time. Only special players may enter.. do you think you can make it?

We believe in quality over quantity in our player base, we would rather have 30 of the best builders and nicest people in Minecraft than have 60 dirt-bags. We even have our very own server police force, anyone with good detective skills is welcome to apply and join. The police force is responsible for responding to reports, punishing bad players, investigating and fixing griefs. No trolling or non-consentual PvP is tolerated, you will be caught and punished. This police force keeps our server grief and troll free.

Come give us a shot you WILL NOT regret it.

Valhalla - AR15 Minecraft
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Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag