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Empathyless Server

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Welcome to Empathyless! You have been locked up in this high security prison for god knows what. Really, it doesn't matter what you have been locked up for because, you won't be getting out for a long time, or will you? Here you must work your way through 4 prison ranks to become Free. These ranks will not be easy to work through, and will probably involve you dying a couple of times due to bad prisoners killing everyone in sight, there is PVP in every block as well as a Court Yard where PVPers will thrive. You're best bet would be to stay close to guards who can help you not become a victim of these bad prisoners. If you do not obey the guard and end up getting jailed, there is a little surprise when you are unjailed. You really don't want that to happen to you, or do you? The choice is yours. Anyway, once you work your way through these hard prison ranks, you will get out of prison and enter the outside work, where there is no protection and anything that you want to do, you can do! In the prison there will be many events hosted like Block Runner, Food Time, and Much Much More!

Empathyless Server
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