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Minecraft Gun Factions Server [1.8]( Where does a game cease to be just a diversion, and become a real life world to explore endlessly with your friends? <img src=""> <img src=""> <a href=""><img src=""></a> <b>MineSworn Community, A MineCraft Gun Factions PVP Server</b> Guns we have: Sniper Rifle .45 Pistol (silenced) Assault Rifle (3 rnd burst) RPG 12 gauge Shotgun Automatic Shotgun Canister Flak Gun Automatic Rocket Launcher Flamethrower Gun When I started playing online MineCraft, I was carried away to a realm that WE owned, not our stubborn parents, stupid teachers, or the rest of the oblivious reality we occupied. The new world was a true sandbox, no rules but the law of the land. No rights but the rights earned of the strength of swords and gun. You could set out to create a new creation, a new metropolis. You could become the mayor of a giant alliance of lawful nations, or the cruel merciless raiders, who never need to go mining themselves. I realized that, using minecraft, we could create a new experience, never before felt in gaming or human history. So the fruits of over a year of labor from over 80 staff members, MineSworn is here to outperform all other PVP servers. And this doesn't just happen from having a server box. A well trained staff is here around the clock to administer to theplayer. By that i don't mean like Admins on all the crappy servers, the admins on minesworn can't even BE in a faction. They can only work, so no getting your base regenerated by asinine Admins. You will also notice that the gameplay on MineSworn has been significantly altered, for balance reasons. Minecraft is poorly suited for true competition, so we took it upon our selves to do so using the Bukkit Modding API. We have numerous Java coders who have their own plugin projects!! Keywords: MineCraft Factions Server (c) 2011-2014 GarretSidzaka

MineSworn Community
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Version 1.12
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