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A little about us... In 2012 a group of friends started DuskCraft in a bid to break the mold on existing servers. There were too many rules, too little interaction between staff and players, and too few servers surviving longer than a few months. With DuskCraft, we aimed to change all of that. Now that we are approaching our fourth year of continuous uptime, we have striven to become the best server that we are able to be. With plenty of gameplay types such as Survival, KitPvP, and Creative to name a few, we also include mini-games, build challenges, events, and more! With a steady stream of regulars and new faces showing up all the time, DuskCraft is a great place to relax, make new friends, and enjoy the benefits of a well staffed great community. So what are you waiting for! Come see why DuskCraft remains as one of the longest running servers on Minecraft! ************* We are now on Minecraft 1.8.8! ************* Server Information... - Server IP: (No whitelisting required!) - Teamspeak IP: - Website: (Register here to be eligible for higher ranks) What to expect... Once you get accepted and first join, you will enter the DuskCraft lobby world. This world is what connects all our different worlds together. You will be surrounded with portals that lead to each of our servers, and can jump right in! Each world offers it's own unique experience and game play. Here are some details to each of our server: - Survival -- 20k x 20k world, custom mcMMO skill leveling, PVP disabled, mob spawns increased, and more! - KitPvP -- Coming Soon! - Skyblock -- Start on your own small island with minimal resources, and survive based on your own skill and wits! - Skywars -- COMING SOON! - Creative -- Different Plot Worlds for different ranks, Build Contests, and more, all in Creative mode! With our Survival world being the most popular, we also understand that it isn't for everyone. We offer Creative, Skyblock, and others as a fun alternative to switch to from time to time to have some fun! And was we grow, we will be expanding more and more as well. Main Rules... - Absolutely NO griefing or stealing (Zero Tolerance) - No cheats/hacks/exploits/xraying etc. (Zero Tolerance) - Respect all players and staff. NO harassing others - Must not build within 32 blocks of other players (Must have permission FIRST) - No excessive bad language, spamming, or trolling (Keep global chat Minecraft related) - No AFK abuse such as leveling ANY McMMO skills (No exploiting McMMO skill xp in other ways either) - No Enderman Farms (This includes building blocks over your head in The End) - No Sand or Gravel Generators - No advertising other servers (Zero Tolerance) - No asking for stuff from Admins/Mods/Owners (We will set you on fire) Server Hardware... - 2x Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 - 5GT/s HT Speed - 2x 8MB Cache Quad Core L1155 CPU - 64Gb Dedicated RAM total - 1Gbps Connection (Fast!) - Hosted in Quebec, Canada How to join... - Step 1: Visit and Register on our website - Step 2: Once you register and login, join us on the forums to meet and greet with your fellow players! - Step 3: Be patient while our staff gets to your application to review and accept it - Step 4: While waiting to be accepted, be sure to grab our recommended texture pack for the best experience!

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition