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AdultCraft Adult Minecraft Server

AdultCraft Adult Minecraft Server

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THIS IS A WHITELISTED SERVER APPLICANTS MUST FILL OUT AND SUBMIT APPLICATION TO BE WHITELISTED 18+ PLAYERS ONLY, MUST SHOW CONSIDERABLE MATURITY TO STAY ON OUR SERVER CLICK HERE TO APPLY: Adultcraft Minecraft Server is a well established survival minecraft server that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. We are hosted in the us with 24/7 dedicated hosting and no lag! Why not come and see what your missing out on! Whether you join a town, venture the wilderness and build a house, the choice is yours! Friendly Community, Towns, 24/7, 100% Up-Time, Dedicated Server, The last server you'll need to join. Friendly & Helpful. SERVER IP: PLAY.ADULTCRAFT.NET TEAMSPEAK IP: TS3.ADULTCRAFT.NET WEBSITE: WWW.ADULTCRAFT.NET

AdultCraft Adult Minecraft Server
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag