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Come join us on Empathy, Established in February, 2014! Our IP is: - MAIN maps: Survival - Original map, normal survival Atlas - PvP enabled (No random PvP), normal survival, newer than, and shares inventory with the Survival map, Sanctuary - Skyblock, uses the aSkyblock plugin, Plotworld - Creative world, plot size: 200x200, $100,000 in game per plot, uses the PlotMe plugin, Minigames - Map for minigames and for testing. - Empathy is a survival based server that also offers creative, skyblock, minigames, quests, and real educational content. Empathy runs PEX, Essentials, and Grief Prevention, among other fun and useful plugins. Players enjoy easy travel, up to 25 homes, and 200 generous claim blocks. On Empathy you can run a Sanctioned Project as a Project Facilitator to help the server, write quests, teach classes, design command block commands, or just build your own town or base. We try not to limit what you can do while on our server to allow for maximum creativity, that in the end will benefit everyone on the server. Although we have players of all ages, many of our players are older. Our community is friendly, mature, loyal, and respectful. We ask that you treat all members with the same sense of maturity and respect as we want the community to welcome any player with open arms no matter their age or gender. While donations are welcome, Empathy is not a pay-to-win server. We greatly value the donations we do receive, and they are all put towards making the server a better place for everyone. Promotions and permissions are merit based. Kindness, patience, and helpfulness are rewarded. Please do not ask for promotions or items. - Visit our sites: Website Instagram Facebook Youtube EMA - Planet Minecraft:

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Empathy IP162.220.63.5
Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
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