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Spacebug Survival Server

Spacebug Survival Server

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Vote For Spacebug Survival Server is a 2 year old mature survival server, that aims for players age 18 and above, we have a strict no grief policy, including whitelisting and 24-48 hour trial period, to eliminate griefing. <b>Our server currently consist of 4 worlds:</b> World > used for trial members > pvp and mobdamage disabled World_main > Main survival world 7000x7000 > pvp disabled Nether > monthly reset nether to always have fresh stuff > pvp enabled Explore > monthly reset normal survival world, so users can explore caves etc > pvp enabled <b>Some of the Key features of </b> - 24/7 Dedicated server with 24 GB ram, I7 CPU and ramdisk - Mature 18+ server - Bukkit (always updated to latest recommend bukkit build) - Whitelist - Teams (making it possible to team up with others and claim a part of the main world) - Multiverse (multiple worlds) - Events (events such as buildoffs, treasure hunts, pvp fights etc) - Forum and Irc - Helpfull and friendly staff. - Dynmap (livemap of our worlds) - Falsebook (gates, lifts, doors, bridges, minecart features etc) - Iconomy (including chestshop making it possible to trade items using ingame cash.) - Stargates (currently 36 public stargates on main world, and possible for users to create, using ingame cash) - Lwc (protect chests, doors etc) <font style="color:green">To join the server simply make your application here And remember to read the application instructions</font>

Spacebug Survival Server
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