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We are the StoneWard Team.

We are an 1.10 Server that's supports a lot of Minecraft versions,

We will always try to support the latest snapshot.

That's very nice for all new-feature testers!

This server speaks 4 Languages: English and Dutch

That's because the owners are from Belgium, a small country in Western Europe.

Also a lot of our friends speak Dutch to.

We always listen to our players,

and if they suggest a plug-in there will be a 90% chance we'll import it.

Games We offer:

Survival     - Survival with the funniest and best plug ins we can find.

Help us make it better, we will always listen to you!

SkyBlock     - An island on the top of the void. We offer an ore generator

And we will always listen to your suggestions!!

ChickenWars  - Kill the Chickens, get Tokens, be the Best, WIN!!

It's our new Game.

Software; BungeeCord-1.11.2, Spigot-1.10, QundoCore, QundoSoftware

*Sponsor: QundoTechnics Company VS StoneWard Team*

Greets, Stualyttle & MelonLover!

StoneWard Team
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StoneWard Team
Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
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Version 1.12
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