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XenoFlux Survival

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Hello! XenoFlux is a newly formed gaming community! We are looking to open up servers in multiple games, Minecraft is obviousle one of them. The owners of XenoFlux are Will and Frederick, whom may also be known as Flip and Vin. We strive hard on making XenoFlux's gaming servers a comfortable and enjoyable place to play. We are having our debut with this Minecraft sevrer, which will be Survival PVP. It's build up on factions and mcMMO, which are the main features of the server. We want to give you a modified vestion of Survival, which would allow you to turn into ultiple Supernatural races, giving you differnet and exotic powers to aid you in tearing down your prey! There are a bunch of features in the server! Come and join us and explore all the cool and neat features! We are planning on expanding to more than just one server! We currently don't have any ideas on what we're going to do with them but, We are always open to suggestions! We are very excited to be able to open up this server, We hope to meet you in game and get to know you! Thank you for taking a couple of minutes from your time and reading about us! -XenoFlux Administration Team

XenoFlux Survival
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XenoFlux Survival
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