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World-Civ is a Contemporary Fantasy server based in the real world of the 1400s. Players can start off in a real nation from the era but then role play out their character's life as they choose. Once you have decided to become a citizen on World-Civ, you get to create the character that you'll role play as, their personality, interests and a brief history of their life. We have a custom map of the Earth, where you can explore vast lands. You'll have the opportunity to create nations from the 1400s or join an existing one. Our server supports an enhanced role play experience through many different aspects, plugins and custom events of the game. We help provide many ways for your character to make their mark on on the world. * Use your roleplay profession to earn money, through Jobs * Brew your own alcohol, with custom recipes, through Brewery * Catch and cure diseases around the world, through Disease * Fall in love and get married or to simply form an alliance with another nation, through Marriage * Guard your nation War NPC and help him kill your enemies * Traded with NPC merchants and Village shopkeepers * Go visit our staff world, Camelot, for quests, rewards, parkour and server wide events. * Spend Emeralds Trinkets, a form of currency Are you ready to explore and take on a journey, forge a new destiny in the world that is just at your fingertips. World-Civ is the place to experience a new world and make your mark in our history!

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