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Broncin City [Unique Style] [Ranks] [24/7] [N

Broncin City [Unique Style] [Ranks] [24/7] [N

Broncin City [Unique Style] [Ranks] [24/7] [N ip:

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Welcome to Broncin City. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and read this. This server is a unique concept, so I do suggest reading this info! We are a city. You live in the city and your objective is based around working your way to the top of the food chain. PvP is enabled is some parts of the city – so watch your back. The Police Officers can’t always save you. By using the city’s facilities that the Mayor has kindly donated you can work your way from a lowly fugitive, who has just escaped prison, to a well-known and respected Citizen. You join our server as the rank of a fugitive who has recently escaped from one of the many prison servers out there. You are a changed person, or are you? Your mission is to become a Citizen of Broncin City and then, if you want, create a city of your own. With Cities you can earn money through taxes! But don’t make them too high, otherwise people will leave and your city will become bankrupt, an interesting idea though. There is no whitelist, so you can easily jump into the city straight away and play. Also, we have no reserve slot system which means slots come at first come first serve basis. You’ll be sure to get a slot though. The server is run on a professional, high speed server with virtually no lag and the server is online 24/7! Server Rules: • No Hacked Clients • No unapproved mods/3rd party programs • No xray mod/xray texture packs • No spamming or advertising • Be respectful to all players and staff • No excessive swearing • No city griefing or major griefing (Minor griefing is fine) • Do not exploit bugs/glitches/loop holes More Info Coming soon...

Broncin City [Unique Style] [Ranks] [24/7] [N
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