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Kingdom Eternal - FTB MindCrack 8.1.1

Kingdom Eternal - FTB MindCrack 8.1.1

Tekkit FTB 

Kingdom Eternal is a 24/7 Feed-The-Beast (Mindcrack mod) server running from a dedicated datacenter in US, Texas. The server has high uptime, friendly staff and is running the game from a high-end system. The server is fairly new. Its getting popular faster than I expected. Download the launcher here: It adds awesome things to the game :) Server IP: Kingdom Eternal is run by me (BeYondZer), and I'm an experienced server owner (2 years experience) who has run many different server over the years, including Tekkit servers and some regular bukkit Minecraft servers. If you need help with a bug, glitch or problem, I'm here to assist you! Kingdom Eternal runs the popular plugins GriefPrevention and Essentials. Other plugins will be installed when and if they are verified are stable enough with FTB. Our webpage has every information you need to be a player on KE. We have a user forum where players can ask questions, report bugs and talk to other forumers! :) Go to find out more... GriefProtection is the strongest grief protection currently developet for Minecraft/Tekkit/FTB servers. While using GP, noone, and I mean NOONE, can grief your house (unless you trusted them enough to add them into trust list). Reports gathered from players currently playing on our new server, all say the server is virtually LAG-FREE! Meaning you will be able to enjoy your stay at Loopitech without haveing to wait for those pesky stone blocks to be destroyed by lag! Feel free to join and experience why the players who join Loopitech, useually stay on this server!

Kingdom Eternal - FTB MindCrack 8.1.1
Server Information
Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
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Version 1.12
TagsTekkit FTB 
CountryMinecraft Servers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition