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MCBall | Paintball Server | #1 PvP Game

About MCBall - MCBall is a Minecraft Paintball Capture the Flag server with many unique gameplay features. It is mostly undiscovered when compared to larger Minecraftservers but has been in constant development for years. In-game IP: Popular MCBall Resource Pack: What is MCBall? Why is it unique? MCBall, in its simplest description, is a completely custom Minecraft minigame that revolves around two teams, red and blue, trying to capture the other team's flag and protect their own. The first to 3 captures wins the game, but it's not that simple. Preventing you from capturing the enemy team's flag is the entire enemy team armed with paintballs (snowballs) which kill on impact. When a person runs out of snowballs they must left click or press Q to reload. If a person dies he will respawn within 20 seconds at their team's base. Also adding to gameplay mechanics are kits. What are kits? Kits are a large part of MCBall gameplay and add much variation and strategy. Any player can use one kit at a time and can select it by either /kit or clicking on the slimeball in their hotbar. Kits vary in what they do but they all influence playstyle and gameplay. Every kit has different killstreak effects at 3, 5 and 7 kills. An example of a few kits are: Sniper - Spawns with a rifle that can instantly kill a player being aimed at. Default of 30 second cooldown. 3 killstreak - Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds 5 KS - Cooldown is 15 seconds 7 KS - Cooldown is 10 seconds Here is a video that a fan made of the sniper kit: Magneto - Can reflect paintballs back at attackers while reloading. Length of reflect depends on paintballs in inventory. 3 KS - You now gain the reflect effect when you return the flag. Lasts 3 seconds. 5 KS - You now gain the reflect effect when you pick up a flag. 7 KS - If you get hit by a snowball you will not die and your reflect will activate for 3 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown. There are several more kits available for free and for donations. If you could pass me your ingame username I will unlock them all for you! Okay, MCBall seems fun, but how is the community? MCBall regularly hosts various competitions and tournaments and very much supports community involvement and participation in server development. We have just completed our third official tournament. Matches for tournaments are livestreamed every weekend and you can check out some of the matches here: Among some of the contests that have been held are MCBall arena building competitions and a T-shirt design contest. As you can probably already tell, we care greatly about our community and without them, MCBall is nothing.

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MCBall | Paintball Server | #1 PvP Game
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
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Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition