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All in the Mined

The server is wiping on February 28th. A new map will be generated and playable on that date. All in the Mined (AITM), is a SMP server focused on PvP, towns and economy. You can join a town and help people by building, mining, farming, killing, etc. Or you can create your own town and invite people which will help you to keep your town alive. When you reach a high amount of residents, you can create more towns and group them with a nation. There's also a peaceful area called spawn. There are no mobs spawning and pvp is disabled. In spawn, you can : trade "safely" (scams are not monitored), buy and sell items. You will also find an arena which will hold mob and pvp events. This is a brief summary of some features. On top of all this, we have the staff team. Mature, dedicated and over 2 years of experience in the Minecraft field, they know how to help and how to solve a lot of problems in Minecraft effectively. For more information, please <a href="">click here</a> to visit our website.

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All in the Mined
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All in the Mined
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