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KeiCraft Hunger Games [Cracked[

Are you tired of joining a great server then to find them shut down after a week? Are you tired of home hosted hunger games servers that lag horribly? Not 24/7? Crappy staff? Not cracked? If you answered yes to any of the questions above you should take some time to check out KeiCraft Hunger Games. As a small community server for almost a year now, we are now expanding to the world of dedicated servers. No, not shared hosting, a Dedicated server. Full 8gb ram, four core goodness. Our servers are located in Canada in the new OVH data center providing the world with many fast fibre connections so you are bound not to lag. KCHG (KeiCraft Hunger Games) offers a fun, safe, and reliable mine craft experience. With the most efficient plugins to the best staff around you can't go wrong with KCHG. As with every minecraft server out there, this server is run solely on donations to help fund the website, dedicated and shared servers, and the time and dedication taken into setting up and maintaining the servers. It is optional to donate but we truly appreciate support from our players to help us out with server bills. Now, onto server details. The server is currently 96 Slots, hosting 8 Hunger Games simultaneously. Two arenas take place in the original survival games map while the other two arenas feature the highly praised survival games 2 map . We will expand to two servers later on if necessary. The server runs the "SurvivalGames" plugin with highly customized command system to ensure efficient and noob friendly gaming experience. The server is even in "Offline" mode so that the poor people out there can play . We use xAuth to authenticate user names, as well as antibot to prevent those not spammers. We try to offer a cheating free environment using AntiCheat, but if you find people hacking please report it asap to the website, forums, or email support at [email protected]

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KeiCraft Hunger Games [Cracked[
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Registration DateFebruary 02, 2017
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryServers in United States of America