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Towny (With easy to use GUI using /t)

Heavily Customized Plugins (All of our plugins are configured to suit the players!)

PvP enabled globally, including inside towns

McMMO (Levels scaled down and capped at 100, but equally as hard to get to)

Rank progression (Earn ranks as you gain levels with mcmmo, unlocking new rewards!)

NPC's (Watch out for those evil bandits lurking around the sub-spawns)

Market GUI (Easy to use GUI to advertise your items you wish to sell)

No Pay to Win (We're keeping donation rewards strictly cosmetic and convenience only, to maintain a balance for everyone)

Discord VoiceServer
Cheating Countermeasures (We  have methods of catching cheaters, please don't cheat on here. We are  keeping this a cheat free server. Approved clients are currently  Optifine and Vanilla minecraft)

Terracrafters is a Minecraft community that was created back in 2012.

It was once known as "World of ChoP". Over the years, Terracrafters has

formed a large community, some veteran players which are still around.

It was created to form around the players themselves, and not for profit. It

still lives by these standards up to this day.

Terracrafters has come out of retirement and is now a showcase for the modern plugins, taking

advantage of every little aspect of them. You can now fight NPC's, and

talk to them to perform certain quests. There are also towns on the

server that you can create to protect your builds. You can also create a

nation to unite with other towns. Shops are available for you to

purchase, and sell multiple items to gain a profit to keep your town


Be aware, PvP is enabled in multiple locations on the map, including towns, and

it's recommended that you take extreme caution around these areas. There

are portals in spawn so that you pay teleport to certain locations all

around the map. It's suggested that you take them, unless you wish to

speak to NPC's or explore spawn. You may wish to use /randomtp. Chests are also not protected, unless

you create a town around them.


You will like it here, drop by and say hello!

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition