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<span style="color: green;"><big><big><b>PLAY</b></span>:</big></big> <span style="color: green;"><big><big><b>WEB</b></span>: <a href=""></a></big></big> <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Windoom SMP features</b></span>:</big></big></big> - Survival map (collect all resources, build your home, etc.) - PvP focused server - expect to have to fight and protect yourself. Refunds are not issued for anything lost during PvP - Clans (like factions) and parties to enhance PvP - McMMO to enhance combat and game play - Residence and LWC for land/chest protection - Grief protection - Live dynamic map - Fully rendered map extending approximately 10 thousand blocks in each direction - A fully working market with chest shops run by 2 superb market op’s using iConomy - Events such as: Capture the flag, War, Spleef and the occasional Protect the spawn - We have a superb mature and competent staff team, with Head Administrators, Administrators, Moderators and Chat Moderators - A Friendly community - The server Is lag-free - Around since 2010 - Extremely high uptime <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Server description</b></span>:</big></big></big> SMP (Survival multilayer server) Any age accepted. Running for many years with a superb administrator team with a lot of helpful staff with always. Survival Multiplayer server so items are not given out by admins. Griefing is not to be tolerated on Windoom. Running Mcmmo, iConomy with Simple Clans and many many more plugins that are used. The server is up 24/7 and full of a friendly community, no matter who, somebody will welcome to you to Windoom when you connect. Here is a comment by one of our staff members: "Players should come to Windoom if they are looking for the ultimate Survival and PvP experience, Here at Windoom we have a large range of plugins that make both PvP and mining an amazing experience for example the server has an active plugin called Mcmmo which lets the player increase their levels to gain more damage towards other players and there are also levels to get more ores from mining. If you are looking to make friends a long the way Windoom has plenty of people to socialise with, we are an active sociable community and we hope to see you soon!" <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Behavior</b></span>:</big></big></big> When connecting to Windoom, you are expected to be somewhat mature, have a good sense of humour. Joining the server and treating our players like dirt is not what we respect here. Along with that, we are very strict upon language as this is a family server (Any aged player is allowed) Swearing may offend the younger ones and would be happily preferred by all of our staff if you keep your language clean whilst on Windoom. Every player starts off the same when the first connect to Windoom, the only people excluding survival mode are Head Administrators, Administrators and Moderators. All other staff members and regular members are to use the survival game mode. Please respect this as we are a Survival based server, kicking off and demanding you get “opped” or given creative will get you nowhere with out staff. <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Building</b></span>:</big></big></big> Windoom as mentioned, is a fully based Survival Server. Players are expected to gather all their resources for their buildings, items/blocks are not given out by admins, whether or not certain players are generous enough to give you some blocks/resources/tools to start with is down to the generosity of the person, I’m sure demanding “I WANT DIAMOND” Will not get you far, it will be a basis of friendship as well, all buildings are then protected using out Residence plugin giving you complete protection from grief (But not PvP) <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Worlds</b></span>:</big></big></big> Windoom has quite the range of worlds on offer. We of course have the survival world free for anyone to build, we have the two alternate worlds being the End and the Nether, we also have a creative world which is accessible by anyone, but only VIP’s can build there. <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>[VIP]</b></span>:</big></big></big> VIP is a custom feature giving you certain aspects that regular players do not have. The things given to you when you buy VIP are given these things to use. VIP is beneficial for you, as well as the server, by buying VIP you are helping the server and keeping it running. On Windoom you can get 2 months of VIP for $14,99! Or you can get 4 months of VIP for $24,99 and save 5 dollars! (Other currencies are accepted) Death Chest: When you die, a chest will be spawned containing your entire inventory. You do not need to carry a chest with you - the chests are free. (This is now a VIP-only feature.) Spawners: Mine and place any mob spawner with any pickaxe! Virtual Chest and Workbench: Type /chest to access a virtual chest from anywhere. Does not empty when you die. And use /workbench to never have to build another workbench! /hat: Type /hat and the item you are holding will be worn on your head as a helmet. Reserved server slot: When the server fills up, you will be guaranteed a slot, no matter what Double /lwc limits: Twice as many /lwc chest, door, and furnace protections as regular players [VIP] tag: Show off to your friends and look really cool in chat! Satisfaction: You are helping cover the costs involved in keeping your favourite server running! <span style="color:green"><big><big><big><b>Server Specs</b></span>:</big></big></big> 2x 6 Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz (12 cores, 24 with hyper threading) 6x 15K RPM (6Gbps) 300GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID 10 on DELL H700 RAID CARD) 48GB DDR3 1333 ECC RAM Gigabit Ethernet connection

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.11
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition