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The Brothercraft Network

Welcome to Brothercraft, the network of community-based minecraft servers! Ever played on a massive minecraft server with hundreds of people yet still felt alone? In most of the mega-servers today, there isn't really any room for a sense of community since there are too many people. Though here at Brothercraft, we focus on the community aspect of the game: meeting new people, exploring around with friends, or even up to crazy antics - it's all about the community. Our Minecraft server types: -Survival >>>>> EchoPets, HeadDrops, PotionProtection, Ranker, LWC, Dynmap, Prism, and more! The Vanilla Minecraft experience on a tight multiplayer server where you won't feel left out or ignored! Interact with the friendly community and enjoy Minecraft at its best. -Creative (Plots and Freebuild) >>>>> Plot-me, Dynmap, Prism, LWC, Multiverse, and of course - even moar! An art form in Minecraft without the hassle of gathering resources and materials! Recieve critique from more experienced builders, or show off your creation in our monthly update videos, the Brothercraft Caek (Yes, it's spelt that way)! Or even join the elite ranks of builders in the "Elite Build Squad" (EBS for short) and show some real building skills! -Hardcore (Factions) >>>>> *This server is currently undergoing a revamp* This isn't any regular factions server, we've implemented some elements that make the overall experience of any other factions server a lot harder. And by a lot, we mean into the extremes. Staying alive for one more day here is as much of a battle as actually going into battle with other factions. So if you've ever felt like making lots of new friends from all over the world while playing Minecraft, join Brothercraft today at! ~Even introverts are loved and appreciated here

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The Brothercraft Network
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged10 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryServers in United States of America
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition